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Multibrand/Universal Auto Scanner

OEMSCAN GreenDS GDS 3 with Printer original oemscanner greends gds3 , update online - OEMSCAN GreenDS GDS 3

OEMSCAN GreenDS GDS 3 with Printer original oemscanner greends gds3 , update online
OEMSCAN GreenDS GDS 3 with Printer original oemscanner greends gds3 , update onlineOEMSCAN GreenDS GDS 3 with Printer original oemscanner greends gds3 , update onlineOEMSCAN GreenDS GDS 3 with Printer original oemscanner greends gds3 , update online
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 Get OEMScan GreenDS for 7 reasons :
1. One year Free Update Online (300usd/year after one year, much cheaper than Autel&Launch).
2. 51+1 Vehicle coverage: 51 Cars+ Extra 1 benz Truck (OEMScan GreenDS supports all 24V trucks, but Now only with software For Benz trucks, However our techinicans 
are developing other trucks software...).
3. OEMscan GreenDS with Printers print out the info you want.
4. Large Touch Screen (Real Color Screen).
5. Including Benz Connectors and BMW connectors  
6. Works excellent for America Cars and Japan cars
7. Our GreenDS's function is more powerful and 100% High Quality warranty, but price is much cheaper than other Universal Scanner.
Attention: GreenDS GDS+ 3 Can Not Sell To the following Countries:
Middle East: Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia
Asia: Burma, Thailand, Korea
South America: Columbia
Africa: Negeria
Especiall in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Burma, Columbia, Negeria and Australia, GreenDS GDS+ 3 Software Can't Be Updated, Even Get Locked.
OEMScan GreenDS Description:
The GDS+3 are the latest auto diagnostic solutions which are simple and easy to use and have been designed for professional technicians and body shops to supply 
basic functions and individual specialized systems, like Reading DTCS, Clearing DTCS, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, TPMS, DPF, etc. They provide a quick and easy solution 
to everyday tasks in the workshop that cannot be completed without the use of an OEM tool. 
OEMScan GreenDS Specification:
Processor ARM9+ARM7 dual processors
MemoryL 4/8 Gigabyte SD card
Display: 8"TFT(800*600dpi)color display with resistive touch panel
Printer: 58MM Thermal printer
Input Voltage: 8.0-30.0v power provided via vehicle battery
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C(32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -10 to 60°C(14 to 140°F)
Dimension: 283mm(11.14")*190mm(7.48")*42mm(1.65")
Unit Weight: 1.09kg(2.40lb)
Support system:
Engine, ABS, Transmission, Airbag, Body Electronic equipment, Anti-theft System, Power Steering, Cruise System, Instrument System, Gateway, Air Conditioning System,
 Sound System, Light System...
OEMScan GreenDS Function:
1. Testing the global mainstream gasoline + 12V diesel vehicles, reaching to the same effect with the OEM scanners. Built-in high and low speed CAN-BUS, one diagnostic connector can test all the CAN-BUS vehicles. Support almost all OBD-II protocols.
2. Supported Functions:
Readout DTC, Readout Engine Model, Readout Computer Edition Information, Readout QR code, Readout System parameter number, Readout Data Stream, Clear DTC, 
Component test,  Compression Test, Maintenance Help, Study on line and so on.
OEMScan GreenDS features:
1. Exquisite Display: superlarge 8-inch color display
2. Use Conveniently: Completely touch operation platform
3. Detect automatically: Can detect engine electronic control system automatically
4. Simply and practicably:Can Support almost all OBD-II protocols with one OBD Connector
5. Function uniquely: Unique data stream to select quickly for the display and comparison function
6. Study Conveniently: Built-in operation manual and help system
7. Advanced Technology: ARM32 digits compare to hardware configuration of industry level
8. Comprehensive Configurations: equipped with various interfaces and micro- printer
9. Diagnose automatically: Can diagnose the relevant software and hardware automatically
10. Upgrade quickly: Can upgrade software data and maintenance data randomly every week
11. Use widely: Can be applicable to training institutions and engine service enterprises
Support  Vehicle Model:
1. America-for Ford
2. America-for GM
3. America-for Chrysler
4. Europe-for AUDI
5. Europe-for Volkswagen
6. Europe-for Skoda
7. Europe-for Seat
8. Europe-for Benly
9. Europe-for BMW
10. Europe-for Mini
11. Europe-for Benz
12. Europe-for Smart
13. Europe-for Sprinter
14. Europe-for Maybach
15. Europe-for Porsche
16. Europe-for Opel
17. Europe-for Citroen
18. Europe-for Peugeot
19. Europe-for Runuo(Renault)
20. for Jaguar
21. for Vauxhall
22. Europe-for Rover
23. Europe-for Land Rover
24. Europe-for Saab
25. Europe-for Volvo
26. Europe-for Fiat
27. Europe-for Abarth
28. Europe-for Dacia
29. Europe-for Alfa
30. Asian-for Honda
31. Asian-for Acura
32. Asia-for Nissan
33. Asia-for Infiniti
34. Asia-for Toyota
35. Asia-for Lexus
36. Asia-for Mitsubishi
37. Asia-for Mazda
38. Asia-for Suzuki
39. Asia-for Isuzu
40. Asia-for Daihatsu
41. Asia-for Daewoo
42. Asia-for Hyundai
43. Asia-for Kia
44. Asia-for Sangyong
45. Asia-for Subaru
46. Asia-for Weili
47. for Chery
48. for Geely
49. for Great Wall
50. for Chang An
51. for Hafei
52. for Benz Truck
Packing including:
1x GreenDS machine
1x Cigar lighter
1x F3S-2 for BMW 20 Pin Connector
1x for Benz 38 Pin Connector
1x for Benz 14 Pin Connector
1x for Audi 4Pin Connector
1x F3S-2/3 OBD-II 16 Pin Connector
1x for Marjorie 3Pin connector
1x F3S-2/3 Main Diagnostic Cable
2x Protective tube
1x Card reader
1x Pinter Paper
1x DVD disk
1x Warranty Card
2x Gel desiccant
1x Package list
1x Tool box.
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